The "International Fellowship of Contemporary Portrait Photographers" is formed by a distinguished group of outstanding portrait photographers. The main goal of this web site is to showcase creative portrait work of some highly talented professionals.

Although being very selective in the quality of its members and in the focus on portraiture, the CPP will try hard to be open minded to many different approaches and styles of portraiture. It is aiming to bringing together portraitists of very different backgrounds.

As there are specialized organizations for wedding photographers, the CPP is all about portraiture. All directions of portrait photography are welcome. This could be senior-, maternity-, child- or family portraiture, fine art approaches, painterly techniques, you name it. Even if contemporary portraiture is suggesting a modern approach the CPP will welcome excellent traditional artists.

What are the advantages of being included on the CPP web site?

  • CPP members will have added exposure in the exclusive company of exceptional portrait artists.
  • Their Search Engine Optimization will be improved with another valuable link to their web site.
  • You will be found easier by clients on the web without any added costs.
  • Down the line there might be yearly meetings for those members who like to participate. Although its main purpose remains being a web site showing exceptional portrait work. If there is an interest by enough members in such meetings then it will have to be decided if they will be held under the same name as the website or under a totaly different entity.

What's the catch?

No catch here! This website's only purpose is to be platform for excellent portrait photography and for its creators.

That's it!